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Echo Clock October 2022


All New, Made For Amazon, Smart Clock for Echo Flex

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Satisfaction Score: 92%

Product Highlights
  • Certified “Made for Amazon” Smart Clock designed exclusively for Echo Flex. Echo Flex sold separately by Amazon.
  • Hassle-Free Setup: Installs in seconds. Just plug it into Echo Flex’s USB port and Alexa automatically discovers it.
  • Set timers by saying, e.g., “Alexa, set a 12-minute timer,” and see it count down. Up to 20 timers supported.
  • Bright display that automatically adjusts brightness using built-in light sensor.
  • Manually adjust brightness by saying, e.g., “Alexa, set My Clock brightness to 50%.”
  • Change between 12 and 24 hour format using Third Reality Skill.
  • No Batteries Needed: Powered directly by Echo Flex. Never worry about changing batteries.
  • Echo Flex can support 1 USB accessory at a time.

Top Echo Clock Brands Analysis

Top Echo Clock Brands Includes Amazon, Ihome, Jall among many others.

Brand Name Brand Popularity Brand Value Buy Online
Popular Amazon 99.98%
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Best Brand Ihome 0.01%
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Best Brand Jall 0%
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Best Brand Heimvision 0%
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